Decorating & ReDesign

Our Approach:

We know that decorating is very personal. At Simply iZone, we always take into consideration what has sentimental value to our clients and incorporate these items into the final decorating plan. This allows us to merge classic with modern and the old with the new, in order to create a client’s own perfect style. We take the time to really understand what the client wants so that we can create the optimum space.

At Simply iZone, we use a holistic approach to analyze the potential of every home and transform it creatively into something beautiful. We view every space through a multi-faceted prism which enables us to see the energy, style, décor, organization and the presentation of the room.

A European Influence:

At Simply iZone, we are thrilled to bring the European flair to North America and share with you the beauty and comfort of design at its best. We travel the globe attending design shows, marveling at the various architectural styles and designs, while gaining inspiration for our creative ideas. We continue to be intrigued by new concepts and clean lines of simplicity; the unique styles that will suit each of us.

We offer a vast selection of beautiful, high-quality accessories, designed to fit all lifestyles. The accessories that we have acquired for our Decorating & ReDesign clients are inspired by the design shows that we attend around the world. We also have a unique collection of real, authentic custom artwork that is available for purchase for our Decorating & ReDesign clients.

Did you know?
On average, people like to move every 5-7 years.

At Simply iZone, the family’s future plans are always paramount in our approach to completing any project. We insure that whatever improvements and alterations we complete are conducive to selling the home later; we do not permanently alter anything that would need to be reversed in order to list the home.

Our Services:

At Simply iZone we offer a full array of Decorating & ReDesign services, including Consultations and Transformations.


Colour Consultations:
Do you need help choosing a paint colour? We perform Ultimate Benjamin Moore® Colour Consultations to assist you in choosing the perfect colours for every room in your house. We will discuss your colour inspiration and your vision for your home.

Decorating Consultations:
At Simply iZone we perform Decorating & ReDesign consultations which provide an action plan for you to decorate and transform any room in your home. This is an amazing service that allows you to complete the projects yourself. The report will be left for you to use as guidance for the completion of the transformation.

At Simply iZone we offer full-service decorating. We coordinate and perform Decorating & ReDesign transformations for any room in your house, in any style you choose. We assist in the selection of furniture, flooring, wall colours, windows and window treatments, lighting, fabrics, accessories, and décor. We advise and assist with any shopping excursions, or act as a shopping service. We look forward to completing any size project from small to large.

As Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigners™, we take a unique approach to all aspects of making your room look beautiful. We produce the plan for transformation by combining the source of your inspiration for the room with your goal of completion. We use a proven Decorating System that gets consistent and superior results each and every time.