We have designed and staged this unique home and would like to invite you to see for yourself the magic of a New Age concept at its best.

The Smart Home is an idea that was inspired by a stay at a luxury hotel. Extensive travel provides inspiration and combined with the notion of a high regard for time, smart technology becomes a luxurious game changer.

We wanted to combine this New Age technology with a love of European design. We have always been intrigued by new concepts and clean lines of simplicity and are constantly inspired by the various styles of architecture and differing designs. We are thrilled to bring the European flair to North America and share with you the beauty and comfort of design at its best.

This wonderful family home is both entertaining and comfortable for everyone! Everything here has been well-thought out and designed for optimal quality of life. This New Age Smart Home Design will for instance, allow you to brew a fresh cup of coffee without even leaving your bed in the morning!

We have designed every room in such a way as to maximize light and space. The kitchen has endless countertop space and pantries galore; perfect for the chef in your home! Every detail has been meticulously chosen including the appliances. The color palettes have been carefully chosen to highlight the space and interior, as well as make it comfortable and appealing.

All the finishing’s are up-to-date with the latest European styles and technologies. The backsplash in the kitchen and bathrooms is exquisite; light is reflected and creates the perfect ambience. Perhaps what we are most excited about are the hinge-less doors; they are the clean, straight lines of the future! Living in this multi-level condo will enable you to recognize the beauty and convenience of managing your space with one touch. Control features such as music, lights, and temperature, all with the touch of your fingers!

We have designed this home to nurture you and your family with comfort and convenience. It exemplifies everything we believe to be important; the meticulous and careful attention to detail, Smart Home technology, and European design. The outcome is exactly as we had envisioned!